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By Alex Skidelsky| Z5 Blog             March 7, 2014

How To Save Gas

How many of you like to use your vehicles a lot? Chances are you drive to lots of places. Some of
these places are places you have to go such as work, while others are less important. No matter
whatthe case is, the fact that gas keeps increasing is going to be a problem. Increasing gas costs
can really put a lot of strain on people who rely heavily on their vehicles. So what you need to
know is how to save gas. Here are two simple ways you can start.

   Take it easy when it comes to how fast you initially accelerate

When you are driving your car is using gas, but there are times when more gas is used than others.
One thing that will really eat away at your gas is you accelerating too quickly. When a car is in
motiont here is not going to be much gasoline required in order to keep it moving. The car is already
in motion and is steady. So if you want to know how to save on gas, start accelerating slower and try
to avoid areas where you will have to constantly stop and start again. Keep your ride as smooth as
possible and you will be surprised at what this does for your gas mileage.

   Turn off your air conditioner if you do not have to use it

Your air conditioner is a useful thing, especially if you live in a part of the country where the weather
gets really hot. However, always having the air conditioner on in your car is really going to eat away at
the gas. What you need to do is know when to turn it on and when to turn it off if you want to conserve
as much gas as possible. In some parts of the country, turning off your air conditioner just will not be
an option though.

Whenever you notice a significant drop in MPG, chances are your tires are not as inflated as they need
to be. Also, do not make the mistake of overdoing things when it comes to inflating your tires. If your
tires are overinflated, this is going to hurt fuel economy as well. Other things to factor in when it
comes to tires would be you keeping them properly balanced and aligned the way they should be. All of
this will improve fuel economy.

For instance, if you live in a place like Nevada, you will want to keep it on most of the time. Just
understand that the air conditioner loads the motor of your car more. This is going to cause you to get
far less fuel economy than what you should be getting. If you do not have to use your air conditioner,
do not use it. Try to roll up the windows at times when you are going faster. Try to park in the shade
in order to keep your car as cool as possible. Another option is for you to cut on your air conditioner
for brief periods of time in your car and then shut it off for a while. This is going to help you save
more gas.

If you really want to know how to save gas, then you need to be more practical about it. Not that the
methods mentioned above do not work, but they might not help you to save the amount of gas you are
looking to. If you are heavily dependent on your car, then you need to make sure you have something
that is designed to help you get the most out of every gallon of gas you put in your car.

The Z5 is a product that is going to help you to do that. It is made to give you three main benefits.
First it helps you to save on fuel, then it helps you to reduce pollutant emissions, lastly it is able
to help increase your engines power and prolong its life. You can check out the Z5 for yourself at

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