In this economy money is hard to come by. People seem to be losing jobs and they do not have a lot
of money on hand to waste. So when it comes to their cars, they want vehicle fuel economy so they
do not have to spend so much to get from place to place. Now you do not have to do anything drastic
in order to get better vehicle fuel economy, but you do have to follow some simple guidelines.

These guidelines are going to help you get further for less money, which is what you want.
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During research of new systems and methods for improved operation of internal combustion engine, the inventor discovered that by placing a metal element in the course of air into the combustion engine so that the air flows over the material of the metal element, the efficiency of the engine and the output power of the engine are dramatically increased while the amount of pollution exhausted from the engine is dramatically reduced. Metal element or its equivalent replacement made of various kinds of metals. The physical phenomenon caused in the air by its flow over the Z5 is called Excitation. Excitation is an elevation in energy level above an arbitrary baseline energy state. In physics there is a specific technical definition for energy level which is often associated with an atom being excited to an excited state. In quantum mechanics an excited state of a system (such as an atom, molecule or nucleus) is any quantum state of the system that has a higher energy than the ground state (that is, more energy than the absolute minimum). The temperature of a group of particles is indicative of the level of excitation (with the notable exception of systems the exhibit Negative temperature). The lifetime of a system in an excited state is usually short: spontaneous or induced emission of a quantum of energy (such as a photon or a phonon) usually occurs shortly after the system is promoted to the excited state, returning the system to a state with lower energy (a less excited state or the ground state). This return to a lower energy level is often loosely described as decay and is the inverse of excitation. The outcome of the excitation is Singlet oxygen which is the common name used for the diamagnetic form of molecular oxygen (O2), which is less stable than the normal triplet oxygen. Therefore due to the excitation the oxygen reaches the combustion chamber in an excited state and improves the internal combustion, thus the gain of Z5 is threefold: 1. Z5 saves gas and therefore money. 2. Z5 improves the engine's power output - significantly minimizing air pollution. 3. Z5 prevents the engine from 'blackening' - thus enabling it to operate at optimal efficiency.
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