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By James Lipman| Z5 Blog             February 25, 2013

Car Fuel Economy - Learn How to Increase It and at the Same Time Decrease Gas Costs

Car fuel economy is on everyone's mind these days, because seeing as how it is obvious that gas
prices are not going to go down, you need to make sure your car is getting the most it can out of the
gas you put into it right? Well this does not have to be hard to do. One of the best ways to improve
car fuel economy starts with you keeping watch over simple things like what is mentioned in the
following article.

   Stop idling so much and this will help with car fuel economy

Do you want to know one of the biggest fuel wasters is that people do a lot of with their car? Excessive
idling is something that people do and this really decreases fuel economy. Idling is when a car is
running, but it is not doing much of anything else. Idling takes place in all sorts of ways, sometimes in
ways people are not aware of. People who live in the cold states are notorious for this. During the cold
times of the year people in these states will let their car run while they are in the house. This gives the
car a chance to get warm and the engine as well. The problem is so bad that the police have actually
started giving out tickets for this.

Idling also takes place when you are sitting in traffic for long periods of time. Think of when you have
to wait at the stop light. If you are on a really busy street you can end up waiting for a long time. Your
car fuel economy is going to suffer because of this, but we are just getting started. What about those
people who have to make left turns. Depending on how congested traffic is you can wait for multiple
cycles before you get your chance. This is requires your car to be idle even more.

Going on routes that require lots of stops at the light is just an add on to the first thing mentioned.
You get the idea by now right? Your car fuel economy is impacted when you idle. It is like throwing money
out of the window and you do not have to do this. The most important thing for you in this case is
going to know when you should idle and when you should not. One great way to know would be looking
at the expected wait time for your car to get back in motion.

A good rule of thumb is, if your car is going to be motionless for more than a minute in any given
situation, shut it down and then restart it again when you are ready to get moving. Granted, stopping
and restarting your car too frequently can also have its own problems so use caution here as well. If you
have to wait in traffic or at a light, this would not be the right time to use this approach. Instead you
want to focus on those times when you are dropping someone off, picking them up, or getting prepare
rto go to work in the morning. This will add up to some pretty good gas savings.

Idling is something you will not be able to avoid at all times. So you want a way to improve car fuel
economy that is more powerful. One powerful way is to use the Z5, which is a fuel saver device known
to reduce gas costs. It also helps keep down pollutant emissions and it will help the engine of your car
to last longer as well as increase its power. If you want to learn more about how the Z5 can help you,
visit the website at

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