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By Alex Skidelsky| Z5 Blog             January 25, 2013

Truck Fuel Economy
How Truck Drivers Can Ensure Their Trucks Are Getting Them Good Distance

Truck drivers are in the business of transporting products over long distances. These trucks use up
a lot of gas and the type of gas these trucks use tends to be the most expensive. When gas prices
go up, so does the cost of products. The reason for this is because products require more money to
be spend on gas in order to transport them and this gets passed onto consumers. What truck drivers
can do is find ways to get better truck fuel economy in order to keep their costs down. This does not
have to be hard to do. Here are a few ways it is possible.

   Keep a log over time that shows how many miles they go compared to gas used

Trucks drivers often are aware of how much gas it is going to take them to get to where they want to
go. But one things they do not account for is variances that can cause them to use more gas
they thought. There are several things that can hold up a truck driver, like traffic jams. Having a log
that shows how many miles a truck goes compared to how much gas is put into it will help.

In order to do this a truck driver would need to create a spreadsheet that has all the needed
information. A spreadsheet is going to help a truck driver to stay focused and prevent from making
mistakes. What a truck driver will be able to do with this is learn how much gas they use or waste.
They can also get an idea of whether or not they are getting the correct amount of gas when they
purchase it.

   Schedule times to be on the road when traffic is going to be really light

Truck fuel economy is affected by many things, but one of the main things that are going to impact it
would be how traffic is moving when a driver is on the road. Truck drivers spend most of their time
on the freeway, so they usually are in constant motion. But they also have to be on regular roads
from time to time and when this happens they have to move extra slow. So what a truck driver needs
to do is try to by on the road during times where traffic is going to be very light.

What will be on the road when traffic is light do for truck fuel economy? Well firstly it is going to
take away a lot of frustration that a truck driver usually feels because of other vehicles being around
them. But more important, it will allow the truck driver to have an easier time getting to the freeway
without having to wait too long in traffic. All of this is going to help truck fuel economy.

In order to get good truck fuel economy you cannot rely on traffic being light or simply being able to
record information in a spreadsheet. Sure, these things will help, but you need something that is
going to give you results for sure. The Z5 is a product that will certainly help a truck to achieve better
fuel economy and it is going to save a lot of money in the long run. It also helps with air pollution and
this is something everyone will appreciate. The Z5 can also help your engine to last longer and be
more powerful. If you want to learn more about how it works then check it out at

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