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By Vyacheslav Klimenko| Z5 Blog             January 18, 2013

How to Boost Vehicle Fuel Economy

In this economy money is hard to come by. People seem to be losing jobs and they do not have a lot
of money on hand to waste. So when it comes to their cars, they want vehicle fuel economy so they
do not have to spend so much to get from place to place. Now you do not have to do anything drastic
in order to get better vehicle fuel economy, but you do have to follow some simple guidelines. These
guidelines are going to help you get further for less money, which is what you want.

   What to do when you are filling up your gas tank

People who want better vehicle fuel economy often do not think about what they should be doing
when they are putting gas in their tank. A lot of people think it is smart to simple fill up their tank all the
way and get the most from that one fill rather than filling up only enough. The reality is that filling up
your tank all the way is going to hurt when it comes to vehicle fuel economy. Why is this you migh

Well, when you fill up your gas tank all the way, you are adding weight to your car. On average for
every 10 gallons of gas you put into your car, you are adding about 60 pounds of weight. Do you
own a car. What you need to do in order to deal with such problems would be taking your car to
believe this is a good thing? It is not. It is a good idea for you to fill up your tank only half way
and try to make sure it is always kept about one quarter above full.

   Types of performance problems your car might have that need fixing

The reason for this is because when your gas gets under one quarter full, it ends up putting lots of
stress on the fuel pump and this could lead to problems you will have to pay a nice amount of money
to get fix. So fill up your tank halfway, keep it above one quarter full, and this will improve vehicle
fuel economy.

   Slowing down your driving to help with vehicle fuel economy

One great way for you to get better gas mileage would be for you to not be so much in a hurry when
you are driving. Chances are you will not save much time by speeding up your car. When you move
you are driving above 60mph, wind resistance is not going to be much of an issue.

Just how much is speeding going to reduce fuel economy in this case? Well what if I told you it was
about 33%. Think of the money you could be saving by simply taking your time to get to where you
need to go. Do not slow down your driving solely to increase fuel economy though. In cases where
to push through heavy winds. This reduces your fuel economy.

If you really want a way to improve vehicle fuel economy, then you need something that is designed to
help you in just this area. Following the above tips is helpful, but you can be more proactive then that.
Z5 is a product that is going to help people who want to save money on fuel. The cost of the product
is going to be an investment, because you will get back the cost and then some because of what you
save on gas. It is also a good product for those who are environmentally conscious and those who
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