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By Ilia Pinkhasov| Z5 Blog             December 11, 2013

Increase Fuel Economy - Adjust To The New Fuel Economy

Increasing the fuel economy of your car is the only way you can break free from over dependence on
the gas companies. The gas companies do not want you to drive smartly. They want you to complain,
while at the same time engaging in the same habit you have always engaged in. This will mean your
fuel consumption will remain the same, and in a lot of cases will go up. Do not let this be you. Adjust
to the new gas economy and increase the fuel economy of your car by following these two simply tips.
You will be glad you did.

   Make sure the gas cap on your car is not loose

If you want to increase fuel economy, then you need to make sure you are not doing anything that
would harm your efforts. One of these things would be not making sure the gas cap on your car is as
tight as it should be. When the gas cap on your car is not tightened properly, it leads to fuel vapo -
rization. Over the course of a year this can really add up. But you would not have to wait that long
in order to begin seeing the effects. When you are getting decreased fuel economy, one of the reasons
might be because the gas cap is not tight. So be sure to check this constantly.

   Try to reduce the amount of left turns you have to make when driving

When you are driving there are specific things you do that eat up more gas than you realize. If you
want to increase fuel economy you have to stop doing these things. One major gas burning habit people
have would involve driving routes that require lots of left turns. Now this might seem like it would not
make sense, but think about it for a second. When you are on a route going to work, dropping the kids
off at school, going to the grocery store, etc, how often do you make left turns? Chances are you make
Chances are you make lot of them right?

Well what are you doing when you make a left turn. You have to stop your vehicle usually, because
there is a lot of traffic coming from the other direction and you have to wait for an opening right.
You might have to wait behind a line of other drivers who do not know when to go. This increases the
wait time. What about the times you wait to make a left turn only to end up having to wait for the
second cycle to do it? All of this will reduce fuel economy.

If you want to know how to increase fuel economy, then start planning out routes to where you need to
go that include more right turns and less left turns. Right turns do not take as much time. In fact,
most of the time they are done really quickly. If you make several right turns this actually takes up
less gasthen making one long left turn. Seriously consider this tip if you want to increase the fuel
economy of your car.

Having a loose gas cap, which will evaporate gas is not good. So be sure to keep it tight. Limiting the
amount of left turns you make is also a smart idea that many people never even think about. But you
want to know another way to increase fuel economy that people never think about, gas saving devices
such as the Z5. The Z5 is a powerful fuel saver device that is going to keep your gas costs down and
offer you additional benefits that make it a good investment. You can check it out for yourself by
heading to

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