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By Ilia Ushamarsky| Z5 Blog             April 11, 2013

Diesel Fuel Economy - How To Increase It

Do you want to know one reason why a lot of the products you buy seem to be going up in price?
Well one reason is because the cost of gas is going up. Diesel fuel, which is the main fuel used in
trucks in order to transport various goods is one of the most expensive. When this fuel goes up
you will feel the pinch when you go to the supermarket and other places. Prices could be reduced
if diesel fuel economy could be improved.

    Don't get it wrong though, truckers are not the only ones that have diesel engines, but they are
going to be the main focus of this article. Diesel fuel economy is important, and a lot of the same
s are going to apply to increasing it as it would with non-diesel engines. In the following article
I am going to discuss three ways diesel fuel economy for truckers can be improved. Some of these
rules can be used for anyone who has a diesel engine.

   Making sure the gear ratio is properly tuned

In order to get good diesel fuel economy you will need to make sure the gear ratio is tuned the way
it needs to be. This plays a very important role. The higher the gear ratio, the more mileage you
would be able to get. A larger gear ratio is always going to be the number that is smallest. Just know
that high gear ratios might not be best for diesels that are utilized to move really heavy items. When
this is the case, a lower ratio is the best option. Just make sure it is tuned high enough in order to
what you need to do.

    TMaking use of a block heater to improve diesel fuel economy

Some people who have to make use of diesel fuel will end up letting their vehicle idle for too long
in order to increase the engine temperature. This is not a good thing, because it wastes a lot of fuel.
What you could do instead is use an external heater. An external heater will allow you to raise the
engine temperature and keep yourself warm as well without having to waste valuable diesel fuel.

    Utilizing synthetic lubricants rather than conventional motor oil

Most people who have diesel fuel engines like truckers for instance, will use traditional motor oil.
This is not always the best thing. What should be used instead are synthetic lubricants. Synthetic
lubricants offer one benefit over their conventional counterparts; they are able to reduce friction.
Because of this the diesel fuel economy is going to be greatly improved.

Diesel fuel is a type of fuel that most people see as foreign when they see it on the price board at
a gas station, but it is extremely important. Seeing as how it is obvious that gas is not going to go
down anytime soon, people who make use of this fuel have to begin getting smarter about what they
do and how they do it. People like truckers, who have to transport good all over the country can
help out the general population in a number of ways by improving their fuel economy.

One way to do this is to make the right investments in the right products known to help with this.
One such product that fits this criterion would be the Z5. The Z5 is a product that will not only
improve diesel fuel economy, but it will help with a lot of the harmful pollutants that are omitted
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