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By Ilyia Fridman| Z5 Blog             January 11, 2013

Reasons Why You Are Getting Poor Fuel Economy and What Can Be Done

If you want to get better fuel economy for your car then you need to consider the things you might be
doing that cause it to suffer. We can examine the basic things such as what type of driving style you
have. Now this might not seem like it would have much importance, but it does. Circumstances also
play an important role in fuel economy. First, let’s take a look at when cars use the most fuel in order
for you to get an idea.

When you are driving you may not give much thought to acceleration, but this is one of the most
important factors in fuel economy. If you are driving in an area that has lots of stops or the
circumstances are just not right, then this is going to lead to your car having poor fuel economy.
We also have to look at how light or hard you choose to accelerate. If you accelerate lightly you
have nothing to worry about, but if you accelerate hard then this is going to have a negative impact
on fuel economy.

   Defects can cause problems with fuel economy

You can have a car that is made to have good fuel economy, but you cannot assume that car is going
to be that way for a long time. There might be defects or other problems that come up the longer you
own a car. What you need to do in order to deal with such problems would be taking your car to
a mechanic. Defects that impact fuel economy are performance issues that can be corrected. You
just need to make sure you catch them in time before the problems become difficult to fix.

   Types of performance problems your car might have that need fixing

If you take your car to a mechanic and they discover performance problems that are hurting your fuel
economy, simply fixing them should deal with this. The engine is usually the first place a solid
mechanic will look, but they will not stop here. Other areas of interest that might have problems would
include the brakes of your car, the suspension, and transmission problems. These things can be costly
to repair, but think of the long term benefits.

   Other issues that might have an impact of fuel economy

If you live in a part of the country that has really harsh winters, then this is going to affect how many
miles you are able to get to the gallon when it comes to gas. In order to reduce emissions, gasoline
is formulated a little bit differently in the cold months. The differences in the way gas is formulated
during the cold months can lead to a 15% drop in fuel economy. So keep this in mind, sometimes your
car might be just fine.

Fuel economy is important, because the price of gas is not going to go down anytime soon. You have
to think of ways to improve it for your car. You can do things like getting a car that is designed to get
optimal mileage to the gallon. You can watch the way you drive and how much you have to stop. This
is best done by driving on freeways to get to where you are going. That is why most cars quote gas
mileage based on highway driving.

If you believe your car is not performing the way it should when it comes to gas mileage, do not be
afraid to get it seen by a professional. If there is some sort of defect this is a problem that needs
to be taken care.

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