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By Vyacheslav Klimenko| Z5 Blog             November 8, 2013

How To Improve Gas Mileage So You Are Not Impacted By High Gas Prices

Gas prices have continued to soar and they are not going to stop going up. As long as people are so
dependent on gas, they have to accept what the prices are. And what makes it worse is that the media
is not reassuring at all when it comes to this. There really does not seem to be much of an end in
sight as far as high gas prices are concerned.

So what drivers need to start doing is being more intelligent about how they try to save gas. One of
the best ways to do this is to learn how to improve gas mileage before you ever have to go to an actual
gas station. This will put some of the power back in your hands. Here are two way to get started.

   Try to lessen any drag that is not needed on your car

When you are driving on the highway, did you know that about 50% of engine power is directed at
trying to overcome aerodynamic drag? So what you want to do is avoid putting things on top of your
car that simply are not needed. There will be some times when this is just not possible, but most
of the time extra weight on top of your car is not needed.

When you put large objects on a car you can actually reduce its gas mileage by about 5mpg. This is
for when a car is going about 65 mph. Even if you decide that you want to have an empty rack on your
car, this is going to reduce the fuel economy of your car. So take it off whenever it is not being used.

   Do not put premium fuel inside of your car if there is no need to

You are going to be tempted to use premium fuel in your car, because you believe it is going to help it
perform better. Often times your car is going to tell you that regular fuel is going to work just fine
though, and this is what you should use instead. Usually, if a driver decides to put premium fuel in his
car it is only going to cost them about 20 cents more per gallon of gas. The majority of cars are made
to run pretty good using regular gasoline. Even when it comes to cars where premium gasoline is
recommended, regular will still work just fine with it.

The difference in putting premium fuel in your car versus regular fuel is very small. Most of the time it
is simply not worth it. What you want to do instead is look at the owner�s manual for your car to learn if
the engine really needs to have premium fuel in it or if it can run on other grades. Knowing how to
improve gas mileage comes down to you checking into things like this.

Learning how to improve gas mileage is all about you doing research into what really works and
understanding why it works. The two methods outlines in this article can serve as a good starting
point, but what you really want is something that is going to be far more effective. The Z5 is a product
that is made to help people get increased gas mileage like never before.

It also helps people who are worried about the environment, because it reduces pollutant emissions
The Z5 is a good investment and it is going to help those who want stop waiting on gas prices to drop
What is even better is the Z5 will help to increase the life expectancy of your engine. Check out the Z5
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