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By Alex Skidelsky| Z5 Blog             February 7, 2014

Improve Fuel Economy - Use These Two Methods To Get More Bang

Knowing how to improve fuel economy is going to keep you from spending large amounts of money on
has that seems like it is getting pricier every day. Do you know one reason why gas keeps going up?
Well one reason is because the big gas companies know you have no choice but to pay. You are
dependent on gas like you are dependent on food or water.

Without gas you could not operate your car to take care of important daily business or get to work.
So the only thing you can do is figure out ways to improve fuel economy. In the following article two
methods are mentioned that should help you do this right away.

   Make sure you are keeping your tires inflated properly

Tires are one of the most important things that will help you improve fuel economy. A lot of people
ignore their tires until there is an obvious problem that demands attention, but you do not have to
wait this long. You should be checking your tires now in order to make sure they are not underinflated.
If your tires are not inflated the way they should be then this is going to decrease your fuel economy
by as much as 25%. Now only this, but you could be putting yourself in danger as well as other people
who are on the road with you.

Whenever you notice a significant drop in MPG, chances are your tires are not as inflated as they need
to be. Also, do not make the mistake of overdoing things when it comes to inflating your tires. If your
tires are overinflated, this is going to hurt fuel economy as well. Other things to factor in when it
comes to tires would be you keeping them properly balanced and aligned the way they should be. All of
this will improve fuel economy.

   Purchase fuel from a wholesale club in order to save

Sometimes in order to improve fuel economy you have to start where you purchase it from. Are you still
going to regular gas stations to get your gas? Well this is something you might want to reconsider.
Instead, what you want to do is go to a wholesale club such as Costco or Sam's Club stores. These types
of places offer pretty good discounts to members. The savings you can get on gas can be as high as ten
cents per gallon.

It is not just the big wholesale stores that give discounts on gas either. Depending on where you go
you can get a discount once you buy a certain amount of stuff. The keep to making this works is making
sure you fill up your tank all the way when you do this. Also, do not drive to a place that is too far
away from your home, because this would completely negate the benefit of getting the discount.

Performing the right maintenance checks on your tires and getting gas through a wholesale club are two
great ways to improve fuel economy. One involved your car directly; the other involves simply looking
to get a better deal at the pump. Obviously it would be a good idea to do both of these things, but
maybe you want to add a third option to the mix.

A third option could be the Z5, which is a very powerful fuel saver you will want to have. It helps to
save gas, protects the environment, and will increase the lifespan and power of your cars engine. Learn
more about the Z5 at

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