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By Ilia Fridman| Z5 Blog             January 7, 2014

Improve Gas Mileage

Most people just accept the idea that they are going to have to pay a lot of money to fill up their
gas tank. People will complain, they will say the gas companies are ripping them off, they will even
say they are going to start doing other things such as biking to work or car pooling. The reality is
no matter how hard people try, they are going to be dependent on gas. So the best option for people
is for them to figure out ways to get more out of what they get from the pump.

Your ability to improve gas mileage is what will help you to break free from the high cost of gas.
This is going to require you being able to make some simple changes. It is going to require you to
be diligent. You will have to become conscious about the way you drive. If you are prepared for this,
then in the following article I have listed two great ways you can improve gas mileage on your car.
These methods are really simple and you will be shocked at just how much money you can save in the
long run by applying these approaches.

   Improve gas mileage by combining trips when you drive

One reason people end up getting bad gas mileage for their car is because they do not do what they
need to do all at once. What they end up doing is going to one place, coming home, and then going
someplace else. All this does is use up way more gas then you need to. What you want to do is combine
trips. For example, if you know you have to go to the grocery store, and pick up the kids from school,
do these both in one trip. What you do not want to do though is go well out of your way. If you know
something is going to require a long drive, then make sure you are properly prepared.

   Look for cheaper places to purchase gas

If you really want to improve gas mileage, then you might want to consider looking for the best deal
on gas first. What most people do not understand is that gas costs a different price depending on
where they are. Like if you are in a upper middle class neighborhood, gas is going to be pricier.
On your way to work, you might notice some places that are cheaper. This would be the time to stop off
and get some gas at a lower price.

You will want to make sure the gas savings are significant enough to warrant you getting your gas at
other places though. What constitutes significant? I would say about ten cents at least. One good way
you can know if the saving you can get at another gas station is worth it would be for you to know how
much it costs you per mile to operate your car. Figure this out first, and this will help you to
understand if it is worth it for you to go out of your way to save gas.

Combining trips and shopping around for the best price will certainly help you improve gas mileage, but
there are some other ways to do it that will work even better. Using the Z5 for instance, a creative
product made to help you reduce gas costs, reduce pollutant emissions, and increase the power of the
engine in your car is a great tool. If you want to know more about the Z5, then you can get the facts
by going to

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