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By Daniel Starr| Z5 Blog             May 5, 2013

Vehicle Fuel Economy By Taking Proper Care Of Your Tires

Vehicle fuel economy is the only way you can keep your gas costs down. It is clear that gas prices are
going to stay really high. So the only way to not be one of the people who is constantly at the mercy of
every increasing prices would be to have a vehicle that performs optimally. There are several ways this
can be done, but one of the best ways involved looking at one of the most important parts of your car.

   Keeping the tires of your car properly maintained

If you want better vehicle fuel economy, then you need to look at one of the most important areas of
your car, and that would be the tires. A lot of people just do not seem to understand just how important
tires are when it comes to vehicle fuel economy, and this is bad. Tires are one of the most crucial
elements between you and the road. If your tires are not right, it is certainly going to have an impact
on your cars fuel economy.

   What are the factors of tires that can have an impact on vehicle fuel economy?

The first thing you will want to look at is how big your tires are. The next thing you want to look at
would be the thread pattern. Lastly, you will want to consider the inflation value. Now we are going to
go into why each of these factors is so important.

   Tires being too big

Most people these days seem to be all about getting big tires for their car. One reason for this is
because with big tires comes the ability to add big rims, which is a way to accessorize a vehicle. But
in the process of doing this, they are hurting the gas mileage their car might be able to get. When you
put really big tires on a car, both in width and diameter, this is going to affect gas mileage because it
increases weight. It also increases roll resistance.

   Thread patterns of tires

When you look at the thread pattern of tires, they might all seem the same at first, but they are not.
When someone changes the tires of their car they will often get tires that have a different thread pattern
that those of the wheels their car came with. This is not a good thing. The wrong type of thread pattern
n cause more rolling resistance. You want tires with a thread pattern similar to the wheels that
with your car when it was new. This means if you bought a used car, you might have to do a little
research if the tires are not the ones that came with the car new.

   Inflation of tires

You will need the tires of your car to be properly inflated in order to keep vehicle fuel economy good.
You do not want the PSI to be off by no more than a few points. For instance, a tire that is off by about
5 PSI can end up reducing fuel economy by as much as 2%.

Proper tire car is a good way to improve vehicle fuel economy, but the tires of your car are just one
component. There are several others you need to think about. Instead of worrying about all the many
components of vehicle fuel economy, why not get a gas saver device that can do a lot of the hard work
for you, such as the Z5. The Z5 is a product that is helping lots of people keep gas prices down like
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